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Such rich & creamy lather! Our cream soaps all contain Organic Coconut milk, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil and Silk. Pamper your skin, leaving it soft and well moisturized as well as "Silky" smooth! May contain colorants and fragrance.
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Milk & Honey
Our Price: $6.50
Our best selling bar! Sweet fresh milk & honey, moderate scent that is not too overpowering
A creamy blend of coconut, tangy lime with hints of verbena, vanilla and musk. This is quickly becoming one our best sellers!
Wild Lilac
Our Price: $6.50
Ginger Pomelo is an elegant citrus blend. Start with a round of lemon: sharp, untamed and zesty. Add a splash of fresh orange and a good squeeze of red grapefruit. Sprinkle in some dewy green notes and whisper in a bit of white rose. Now let's add some wild ginger and smooth the whole with soft musk and white oak. Wonderful!!! A fresh spring floral, refreshing and soft but not heavy. With this bar you can leave your flowers outside & enjoy!
Our Price: $6.50
A little "Flower Power" for a step back in time! This retro scent will bring back many memories and bring you lasting enjoyment!
A Heavenly scent! Angel is a knock off of the wonderful Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler
Mountain Rain
Our Price: $6.50
Dragon's Den
Our Price: $6.50
Very green and woody, an evergreen with fresh mountain rains to clear the air.  Moss, vetiver and lemon round out this scent to be unisex, masculine and fresh all at the same time.
Lady Paris
Our Price: $6.50
Our Price: $6.50
Our Price: $6.50
Our Sporty Man bar is great for both Guys & Gals! So fresh, clean and sensual. Honey & lilacs with a bit of heliotrope, vanilla, dry wood and grapefruit.